In the ongoing race to attract new customers and stay relevant, businesses big and small are acknowledging the power of social media and using it to make their marketing campaigns even more potent.

Gone are the days when the secretary was the primary point of contact between brands and the outside world.

Nowadays, that role has been taken over by social media profiles and websites.

The importance of social media marketing cannot be overemphasized.

Data from Global Web Index points out that:

  • 30 percent of Internet users use social media network when researching products
  • 37 percent of consumers follow their favorite brands on social media

With consumers turning to social media to help them make their purchase decisions, the need to invest in the services of a seasoned social media agency has also become more vital than ever.

Below are some of the key benefits social media has to offer:


In terms of reach, there’s no denying social media is a force to be reckoned with.

A single post has the capability to reach numerous people, current customers and prospects alike.

With the help of a trusted social media agency, you’d also be able to find other people talking about your products/services and use the insight to reach more people.


Social media gives brands valuable insight into what their consumers and prospects are into.

Getting to know the target audience more intimately can help you come up with more creative ways of reaching them via content or advertising.

Targeting done right can result to more leads and increased conversions.


In order to achieve longevity in the business world, brands need to stay relevant.

One of the best ways to remain relevant is to be involved in the conversations that involve the needs and wants of your customers.

Fortunately, social media can provide valuable insights as to the ways brands can continue to evolve and deliver the kind of results bottom lines and consumers want and expect.

Customer Service

Unlike those years prior to social media, customers can now easily reach out to you if they have complaints and issues they want resolved.

Nowadays, many consumers have been using social media as one of their primary points of contact with a brand.

In fact, a study conducted by The Social Habit indicated that at least 42 percent of consumers who get in touch with brands online expect to get a reply within an hour after they’ve posted their complaints and concerns.


Part of providing exceptional customer service entails acknowledging and resolving issues in a prompt manner.

Thankfully, social media gives brands access to consumer feedbacks, regardless if it’s favorable or otherwise.

It will also give you ample time to give instant feedback so any concerns and feedbacks are attended to and resolved right away.

In addition, gauging if a campaign or product is a success will now take a relatively shorter time.


One of the key benefits of social media is the ability to establish authority and expand reach.

In some cases, brands are able to secure a spot in established and popular digital publications thanks to connections they forge through social media.

Social media can also give your brand the opportunity to show prospective customers the many ways you provide exceptional service through your interactions with your current customers.


Brands that are looking for a valuable inbound marketing tool to build the e-mail list and collect leads can now turn to social media.

Since social media makes creation and publishing of interesting and relevant content possible, brands now have a venue where they can entice people to patronize the products or services they are offering.