We know how essential the backups are. It is important to us at any point of time. But simply storing your data in a storage device is not going to help. Rather you need to keep these backups securely. A number of records in 2008 simply got compromised due to gaps in backups. These breached a number of personal data, sensitive information, and intellectual property of many customers. Moreover, mishandling of backups can increase security woes. IT data backup services thus want to lessen the woes of the business owners by providing more secure ways to protect backups, which we often overlooked.

Here are 5 such ways to make sure that your IT data backups are more secure.

  1. Try to have multiple backups and not just one

Apart from a hard drive, store your data in various portable hard drives. As you can move the portable devices from one location to other, so in this case, if there is a disaster in your main site you still have the copy of your files. Keep these backups at your office, at your friend’s place, or in a fire-proof safe. Keep on changing the off-sites of your secret backups once in a month. It is good to have two set of hard drives and keep on switching them between your main site and offsite.

  1. Make sure to encrypt your data

If your hardware and software are able to support encryption, then go for it. Your laptops, mobile devices, portable media devices, all need to be encrypted with strong password-cum-phrases if you remove them from an onsite location. If you can manage encryption in the best possible manner, it will serve as an added layer of protection. Take the help of the IT data backup services to enable better encryptions of your stored information.

  1. It is necessary to change your drives after few years

Apart from calling your IT data backup services for an overall protection, make sure you take precautions also from your end. Since hard drives do not last forever, you need to replace them after every few years. When hard drives are about three years old, they start performing poorly. Thus, replace your hard drives after every three years and get more storage capacity at the same price.

  1. Make sure that the control of your backup lies in your hand

Whatever device you might choose to store your backups, be it tape, external hard drives, or various NAS (Network Attached Storage), and ensure that you have the full control over them. You need to have control from anywhere. Maybe from your car, room, any spot in the office from your mobile or other remote devices.

  1. Enroll into response plans to avoid backup hazards

A number IT data back services lay down a disaster control plan to the business owners to avoid accidental data mishandling and breaches. Data backups which can also fall into the prey of breaches might feel compromised at any point of time. Whether you face a malware outbreak or sudden natural disaster, the backups might get destroyed. So keep a backup plan in hand to tackle those odd situations.

When you go through this article, you will find that keeping your backups safe is a big hassle. All you need is, get into a routine and check your backup processes and systems to identify gaps. You can also look for IT backup data services to help you find the breach holes and get over your oh so painful situations.