Electric Bikes – Everyone’s in But Who’s Buying?

Presently a tiny niche market in the US (that isn’t too abroad ) electric bicycles have drawn some of the greatest players in the bike and electronics industry. Giant, Schwinn, Sanyo, Panasonic and Magna are entering the American market for electrical bikes in a large way. There are a slew. More info http://www.bicicleta-eletrica.net/bicicletas/bicicletas-eletricas-infantil/

There are a few significant differences between both of these groups of gamers. A number of the smaller players are net based companies selling retrofit kits for existing bicycles, custom converted bicycles, or imported electric bikes. Their merchandise normally operate from a couple of hundred bucks for what’s actually pretty much crap to about $1500 for a few very excellent item. The large manufacturers are operating through dealer networks or large box stores and a number of their merchandise is rather good but generally runs from $2500 to $5000 per unit.

The big manufacturers and some of the smaller ones have forgotten or missed a couple of things about this marketplace. Electric Bikes should be transport. Cheap they are not Whenever you’re pricing bikes into a thousands of dollars. Another thing they’ve forgotten is an electric bicycle isn’t a car to be loaded with luxury features. Legislation limits electric bicycles to 20 miles and 750 g and hour. Electric bicycles are intended to be pedaled and therefore are not bicycles, so weight is a thing. Comfort whilst moving and riding is crucial, far more so than durability and style is a true issue taking into consideration the condition of the majority of our streets. An extremely fashionable but hefty bicycle will probably have less of an array and be more difficult to pedal compared to a lighter bike plus also a inexpensive bicycle will get some real difficulties if you hit a pothole in 20 mph. There are a great deal of frame issues on bikes that were cheap.

But the biggest thing that’s been forgotten is your client. Who’s buying this item and where do they reside? What are the demographics? This is a promotion frontier. Electric bicycles are a large item in nations where there’s a sizable bicycle culture and driving to work and to store is not uncommon. This isn’t in any way usual in the USA. Our bicycle culture is chiefly restricted to kids and enthusiasts. Riding a bicycle to work, shopping or school isn’t in any way common and it will require some significant cultural and economic modifications to make it so. Simply bringing the idea of an Electric Bicycle to the interest of a customer base who isn’t conscious of the bike as a transportation alternative, will be a significant challenge. It will need some intensive promotion and significant expenses to make this occur.